Cavro® OEM
liquid handling components

Excellence in the world of OEM components

Every Cavro® pump, robot and valve, offers you more control over the development of and confidence in your final products. After all, it’s your product, designed and engineered for your application.

Tecan Cavro components deliver the excellence that you require, so you can focus resources on your core competencies.


Tecan Cavro pipetting robots are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations to provide automated liquid handling solutions for almost any OEM application, using fixed or disposable tips.

Cavro 迷你样品处理器 Cavro Omni Flex 机械臂 Cavro Magni Flex 机械臂 Cavro Omni Robot 机械臂

Our Tecan Cavro brand of OEM fluidic pumps and air displacement pipettors provide precision liquid handling for a wide range of application requirements.

Cavro 液体处理泵 注射泵 ADP 空气置换移液器 柱塞泵 Cavro 膜片泵

Tecan's wide assortment of Cavro valves help you to configure the flow path to meet your needs. The most common valve configuration is a rotary valve made of FEP and KEL-F®.



Precision in every component.
Confidence in every solution.

Learn how the Cavro team can help bring your product to market.


Engineering Manager from Vizgen said:
…we were looking for precision and repeatability, and to partner with a credible OEM vendor, such as Tecan.
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Precision liquid handling

Cavro offers the broadest portfolio of fluidic components, ranging from pumps to robotics. We have a proven track record of performance in the most challenging applications, from life sciences to diagnostics.

Technology leader

Trust in Cavro's communication protocols and command sets, which have become the industry standard. Our component technology is driven by Tecan’s unparalleled liquid handling expertise.

Expert, customer-centric team

Our teams are field experts, supported by a dedicated technical support team to assist with your integration. Cavro components have been selected by leading life science and diagnostics automation providers around the world.

The industry trusts Cavro’s OEM liquid handling components.

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Cavro® Express 软件 Cavro® Express 软件使用简便的工具加速 Cavro 机器人及其衍生自动化平台控制软件的开发,从而简化机器人平台的集成。

Cavro® Fusion 软件 Cavro® Fusion 软件可以通过 Windows® 系统计算机轻松连接和操作 Tecan Cavro 模块。

Cavro® 集成套件提供了所有必要的工具,可以让您快速开始评估 Tecan Cavro 组件